“The true happenings of the Biafran war are largely shrouded in mystery, however its effects are probably felt and seen in our present day. The Biafrans in that time, invented a weapon with more potency than the famed “Ogbunigwe”. They attempted to create men who could turn the tides of the war in their favour, a super soldier of sorts. Provision of test subjects wasn’t a problem,
men and women in their youth were all tested and experimented on but with little or no results. They all
died like the others on the field of battle. The war was lost for them but their attempt in science was very much alive.
In this present day, myself and a host of other brilliant minds have been forced to recreate the
same process although working to improve on it. Test subjects have made themselves
available from the military. A continuous travail has yielded nothing yet but a question still puzzles
me “Did the Biafran experimentation work?” The formula injected and shock
therapy were all geared toward creating a certain form of stress that forces the subject to develop a
new adaption that’s density-based. Could the effects only be seen after a
long term? Probably transcending generations? A pseudo form of incubation. I wish I had the necessary means and time to test the only discovered subjects who posses such abilities. The vigilante and the criminal with natural armor in New Waff City.”

  • – Dr. Isaac Makinwa