Crime in New Waff City

Criminal activities in New Waff City are predominantly ran by three syndicates;


They cover most crime-ridden parts of the city. They’re involved in almost all types of crime there in; Arms dealing, drug and child trafficking, petty theft, kidnap, armed robbery. The Red Room is associated with most of the shady personalities higher up the status ladder in NWC.


“Sleights” are mainly informants and couriers… there isn’t much that goes on
in the city that they aren’t aware of. Other operations are; arms dealing and


The least of the syndicates… Theft and street terrorism are their main activities

Small gangs like; Casablanca, Wild Dogs, Kiss, Jakpa, Olade, Pirates and Kingmakers are crucial to area and operations control. Although, they’re fickle… The more gangs under a syndicate, the more control.