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Sylvester Amadi aka Sly would've only been a jolly giant and mechanic, if not for the unprecedented power he possesses. Now he is praised, feared and sought after and he realizes that with great power comes greater disturbances... Read Related News


An anomaly in the judicial system of New Waff City (NWC). The streets know his name and his unconventional methods of serving justice. The policeman’s skill with the gun is unparalleled. However, socially, same cannot be said. Read Related News


Emma is living every teenage nerd’s dream. He has the abilities of weight manipulation, strength and durability. Its source is unknown to him. But who cares about that when you can beat up bad guys. Read Related News


The Federal Law Undercover eXtension, F.L.U.X, was setup by the government as a task force to better combat crimes against the country. It’s modus operandi is clandestine but highly effective and is available only to a few individuals from various arms of the military. The organization is currently led and supervised by the founder Gen. Manzuma M. T. Read Related News


Zara is constantly bored. Maybe it's because of her IQ of 180. Or maybe her ability to manipulate events at will. She's no witch though, just a smug, nonchalant nerd. Read Related News


Richard Bankole-Adams comes in contact with the “spirit metal”, a cosmic element that amplifies specific attributes of its host. He now struggles for control with himself. Read Related News



Crime in New Waff City

Criminal activities in New Waff City are predominantly ran by three syndicates; RED ROOM They cover most crime-ridden parts of the city. They’re involved in

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New Waff City

New Waff City is an island just off the coast of Delta in the gulf guinea. With a population of 1.3m people. Its ethnicity is

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