Crime in New Waff City

Criminal activities in New Waff City are predominantly ran by three syndicates; RED ROOM They cover most crime-ridden parts of the city. They’re involved in almost all types of crime there in; Arms dealing, drug and child trafficking, petty theft, kidnap, armed robbery. The Red Room is associated with most of the shady personalities higher …

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“The true happenings of the Biafran war are largely shrouded in mystery, however its effects are probably felt and seen in our present day. The Biafrans in that time, invented a weapon with more potency than the famed “Ogbunigwe”. They attempted to create men who could turn the tides of the war in their favour, …

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New Waff City

New Waff City is an island just off the coast of Delta in the gulf guinea. With a population of 1.3m people. Its ethnicity is richly heterogeneous with most Nigerian tribes on the Island. Once an unclaimed land, it became a slave port, pirates’ island, smugglers’ paradise, and illegal dumping ground for many years until …

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